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Devotion to GOD

Since my recent Easter retreat in Cork I added a deep bowing to my daily habits. Martin explained to me:

the result of the bowing is attitude multiplied by time.

In order to be efficient I would have to develop a great devotion.


I started bowing in my private room inviting the souls of my Ex-partners one after the other starting with the latest relationship. When I felt like everything was dissolved, there was still a need to continue bowing, because:

– there are so many other people who I may need to forgive and who may need my forgiveness including myself.

– as I continue living I automatically add “past” and potential mistakes to my life

– there might be still many things to forgive which I didn’t realize yet.


Great devotion means open heart.

When I bow to God and All and focus on open heart I feel blessings from God and simultaneously my heart flooding love to All until my metaphysical heart is expanding. I ask my brain to follow my heart and bow in a great devotion to God and All in order to radiate pure divine love.

Anytime I’m coming home from crowed places I bow to God and All and ask Him to forgive me for just anything I might have done wrong. There might have been someone who wanted to share more love with me.

Anyway there’s always God who wants to share much more Love with all of us.


It is of great importance to devote ALL my efforts to GOD only –

especially during Kriya yoga.


Reconciling with my father in a dream

Since more then three years I stay in Kenya with my family in a small town which i love so much, though it has a high rate of unemployment and poverty. And of course this situation has also affected us: We were spending money in order to assist  friends and without income we were living on our savings and now the bank account is almost empty.

In the worst case I decided I’ll have to go back to my home country Germany and stay with my parents or my sister and work in a low paid job for half a year. But in fact it would be a big burden for my young family in Kenya: five children aged three to thirteen years. 

At the age of 40 I still tend to go back to my earthly parents seeking for assistance when in trouble. However I thought there might also be a reconcilement with my father necessary which is forcing me to leave my family in Kenya behind. But soon I realized that my father would not support me the way I wanted.

I remembered that some (about 15) years ago I already made a decision to choose GOD as my only father and relieve humans from this burden as everybody on earth has already enough problems to solve by himself and I don’t have to add mine. And in fact GOD knows me best and is already there willing to help me.

So again I choose to give all my trust to GOD to guide me to the most loving solution.

I refocused all my attention on finding a source of income in Kenya, without risking to bring my family here into trouble.

If I fully trust in GOD and follow His guidance it becomes impossible to create further problems, but only provide solutions.

The following night I had a special dream:

Being in Kenya somewhere I ordered a big cup of ice cream with fresh fruit which I was missing since long. After a look into my wallet I saw it was empty, the waitress advised me to withdraw money via ATM, but I knew the money on the bank account was also finished. So I took some amount of my last remaining cash from a secret corner and intended to go back to the place where the ice cream was waiting for me…

But the situation had changed: I found myself at my parents place in Germany in my fathers bed room at night and found him asleep. Money had become totally unimportant. Though I knew i was just dreaming, I was aware that dreams also contain truth and I decided to take advantage of the situation, approached him and gave him a hug:

I felt the short hair of his beard on my cheek. But especially

I felt an intense opening of my heart and a deep warm flow of love coming from my heart toward him.

I also felt fear arising within me. It was the same I experienced when I was a girl and always feared to be alone in darkness. (By that time my father often came to my bed lying his hand on my back which made me to relax and fall asleep easily.) However

I focused on the warm and intense flow of divine love to him

until I realized him waking up. I silently left the room in the conviction he hasn’t realized me.

The day after I woke up refreshed and in peace with me, GOD and the world.

This blessing experience was the answer to my decision to trust in GOD to provide the most loving solution and to make it possible to reconcile with any soul regardless distance.

❤ ❤ ❤

tooth healing by herbal treatment


Read and understand the instructions before you do this exercise because your full attention is needed during carrying out. The smoke of the seeds which enters your mouth is actually healing the tooth decay by killing the bacteria in your mouth. The development of smoke only lasts for a few seconds and it may affect your throat.

If this procedure shall be done by children it might be advisable for parents to study and learn first. Like my ten year old son observed me several times until fully understood and now he does it properly on his own.

You need:

– ripe and dry seeds of Datura stramonium (poisonous)


flower of datura (thornapple)

– stiff fat

– metal sheet like a big knife (ideal: machete like we use here in Kenya) that may keep the heat for some minutes. Me personally I like to use a flat pan which is fully made out of metal and place it on a coal fire.

– tin with both sides open to be used like a “chimney”, e.g. an old coffee powder tin of approx. 3 inch (6-7cm) diameter like in our case could do

– open fire to heat the metal sheet (I guess should be minimum 200°C),

alternatively you may try to heat the metal sheet in your backing oven

How to:

1) form a fat ball with a diameter of about 1,5 – 2 cm

2) roll the ball in the seeds until it is smoothly covered from all sides (approximately 1 tea spoon of seeds needed)


3) heat the metal sheet


here a panga serving as a metal sheet is heated on an open fire

4) place the fat ball on the hot metal sheet

5) Put the “chimney”-tin on top so that the ball is inside.


5) place hands on top of the tin to extend the chimney and guide the smoke into your mouth. Place mouth on top of your hands.



6) Attention! As soon as the smoke develops, inhale it to a certain degree (take care that the smoke only enters the mouth, not enter the lungs while inhaling) and exhale with a loud and powerful “Ha”- Sound like known in Hatha- Yoga. The Hatha-yoga exhalation serves to clean the body. 1-2 exhalations per second as comfortable. Continue until smoke has gone after approximately half to one minute.

7) If all done properly you will see small white stripes in the tin. They appeared to me like worms a few millimeter long.

8) you may repeat the whole procedure once or twice, depending on the severeness of the decay.

9) If necessary repeat the other day until all “worms” gone.

In my case, as you see in the pictures, I was assisted by an experienced African woman. We were both kneeing on the ground.

My sickness was severe that I was running around almost unconscious. However directly (some seconds) after the treatment my mind was clear again and life came back to my body.

our garden

our garden

These days we live on our own compound and we have our own garden for the first time in our lives. When we came it was dry season and we used that condition to do some preparation on the mud house.

DSC01972this is how we found the house

When the rains came and GOD blessed us by flooding our area we started planting. Six months later now we are harvesting main crops like maize and beans, vegetables and potatoes.


a potato flower


maize and sweet potatoes

The passion fruit tree gives flowers and bears fruits.



The biggest trees are now about two meters high.





We eat many avocados and i planted many seeds that we may harvest a lot when the harvesting time for that trees has come.


Avocado tree (three months old)


flower nursery with mulberry, rose and others

Most Africans don’t care much about flowers. So I decided to bring more attention to the value of flowers and give out flowers to friends and neighbours to beautify their compounds.








spiritual healing and responsibility

2002 I was pregnant with my first baby – a girl. I decided for a home delivery inspired by the spiritual treasures and experiences of two ladies, who gave birth at home.

My husband was around all days before and during delivery. He gave me his loving assistance as best as he could. I felt well at home and had freedom to behave natural and give all attention to the new overwhelming experience. A midwife came to assist however she gave me feedback, that I almost did everything by myself.

Some years later I decided to overtake responsibility for my heath in general and dissolve in love all root causes leading to accidents and sicknesses. So I quit my health insurance. If something went wrong and I needed a lot of assistance by doctors I had to pay out of my own pocket.

The biggest bill I had to pay was the mid wife when giving birth to our third child. It was okay, we had enough money and we also saved money because not paying monthly insurance bills.

My biggest heath problem has always been my tooth decay. I had a lot of inlays that fell out every now and than and had to be fixed again and again. I became tired running to the dentist and hearing promises: “This time it will stick” while my body was refusing to accept these crutches. I decided to live with out inlays and every gold inlay falling out I handed over to a jeweller.

The last big toothache I had last year 2013. I felt like dieing of pain and decided to remove that disturbing tooth. However my body refused to give out what belonged to him. I almost fainted that the dentist could not do his job.

God guided me to a healer, who showed me a herbal technique reducing bacteria in the mouth causing instant healing. I treated myself when ever I felt the toothache coming back. I’ve sufficiently dissolved in love my emotional tensions the root cause of tooth decay and I’m free of herbal treatment.

Giving birth to my fifth child in Kenya I was always surrounded by god’s presence and he gave me his loving assistance.


It is time now to become more effective in divine problem solving, more and more open for god and aware of all spiritual lessons he sends, moving forwards to my goal to finally be one with god.

life in a monastery

For one week I stayed with my family in a hospital of a catholic diocese. We shared time with four nuns. The head was an eighty-year old German lady.

That week I experienced like Life in a monastery. At first the wild bush all around the house made me feel very comfortable. It was good to experience how people there turned a desert-like grassland into a wild forest again and how much nature gives us:

– fresh food: cooked or raw sweet fruits

– herbal medicine for even very serious deceases like HIV

– healing flowers, stones and vibration of wild nature


Later I more and more felt the suppressing atmosphere among the inhabitants. A pain in the lower spine (second chakra), which I didn’t feel since many years, appeared again. It showed me that i’ve not fully dissolved all attachments to that lifestyle. Since about ten years, especially after reading the spiritual treasures, I’m sure I spend too long in a monastery in former incarnations, which is still causing me some trouble.

How challenging this time in the diocese was, I learned something out of it:

– sexual energy is natural like other “dangerous” things like fire or poisonous snakes. I can only learn how to handle it and see the divine purpose if I get in touch with it.

– sometimes I have to give up things that appear sweet to gain the sweetness of the divine. Like herbal medicines sometimes requires abstinence from coffee and black tea.

– I can be in love with god (without a man), I can be happy without my partner.


On our way back in the matatu among ordinary and sexy people god was closer to me than during the last days among the nuns. Reaching home I gained back vitality and joy of life.

Of course this is my personal experience. Others who are less attached to the habits of a monk / nun may experience differently.

However, I hope and believe in future the monastical lifestyle will get more and more obsolete.

spiritual exercises

There are some spiritual exercises I like to do and introduce to you.

During my time in Germany I decided to give up cleaning the floor with a mob and a stick but showing more humbleness by kneeling down and using a rag for cleaning. Here in Kenya most of the people are even more humble smearing cow dung to give care to the floor. And I do what they do because we have a non permanent mud house made out of soil and timber only which requires cow dung.

For me this cleaning becomes a bowing lesson and makes me feel fresh like the house looks fresh afterwards.


smearing walls with soil

Anyway it is obvious that most of the Kenyan citizens are used to and like bowing while working: e.g. washing cloths, cleaning dishes,… In our country doctors advise us to avoid bending downwards to protect spine issues. Here it seams needless because I never heard about such cases and people know how to: most of them walk and bend while spine very straight. For me it reflects their behaviour: more sincere, straightforward and connected to their inner being. I found I can improve by copying them.

As a child I had problems integrating and interacting in a group with others. (BTW: this is what Kenyans know very well as they share more time since early childhood living and working together.) Since about 20 years I challenge myself to go to different totally unknown places to find my place among fellows I never met before in this lifetime. With this exercise I also create space to reconnect to other souls I know from former incarnations and who may assist me on my way to god.

The biggest challenge was moving from Switzerland leaving almost everything behind to start a more humble and simple life in Kenya with only some bags and some savings on the bank account. However it contains the most blessings as I’m more happy and relaxed more one with my inner being and connected to god.

Anyway being open for God and his children here on earth shall be a lifelong exercise for all of us as we are far to far away from god’s world of love. Opening for god is just a decision. It might be helpful to avoid making appointments and listening to the wishes of my beloved ones around me instead, let god to arrange dates and being open for the ones god sends to me and listening to my heart which places to go. One day I made this exercise dropping all the plans I had in mind and it became one of the most interesting days I can remember.

While doing this very same in Germany and Switzerland it became much more powerful, joyful and satisfying here in Kenya. Because people here are more open and doing the same: being open for each other and the fellows god will send them. Many times I went through the streets receiving spontaneous invitations and having interesting conversations from heart to heart with friends and unknowns.

During the church service I often had that feeling of being together with the other church members. I often received a sensitive feed back that proved me: they know what is going on inside me. Which makes me feel refreshed after the meeting.

People like to say: “Tuko pamoja” (We are together.) as a kind of good by greeting and confirmation of friendship even after parting.

Many time the Pastor of our church told us to pour our heart in front of god as a deep prayer. I found it a relief and decided to do it whenever I remember it or even all day long. Anytime when walking or doing some kind of work I can open my heart and let love flow. I think it is our nature and purpose to let love flow and pour our love anywhere we go.

Same like doing a Love Prayer anytime anywhere. I believe god in our body and brain is the natural state.

The most powerful exercises however are Kriya Yoga techniques. They assist me to become one with God.

Many more exercises or Spiritual Treasures and Kriya Yoga teachings can be found.

May we realize the value of time god gave us by giving us this lifetime, may we take the change of this new year 2014 to open our hearts and broaden our minds to make us more sensitive for God’s love, God’s presence and the needs of the fellows around us to become  more receptive for all the blessing god is sending constantly in abundance.

simple life – more time for happiness

These days we stay at the countryside next to Chwele (Westkenya). We enjoy simple life surrounded by nature:

Of course people do farming but there is also a lot of god given wild and healing bushy landscape around. The climate is almost the same like the European summer.


The house has basic furniture like chairs, tables and beds and a solar power station only for light and phone charging. Most of the time we are collecting and using rainwater. We do basic work like cooking with charcoal and gas and hand washing in plastic basins – mostly outside on the meadow under trees.

Besides we are supporting the German organization „Open Hearts – Offene Herzen e.V.“ to establish a hospital in Chwele.

We are using common African toilet and bath: each one is a small room outside the house. For bathing we take a plastic basin into the bathroom. The toilet has a hole for all human waste.


Sharing a lot of time among the family members and simple contacts to the people around leads to more happy hours together in god’s presence – cleaning minds and hearts.

Simple life makes it easier to learn directly from observing older or more skilled ones. Three of our children (9, 6 and 4 years old) learned speaking English by listening and repeating and never in school. They do household work and assisting the construction workers.
Also spiritual lessons of life are less complex. Kriya yoga becomes more intense.

god’s presence in my life

Thank you God for your guidance and presence in my life.

I found it helpful to testify to the world that I experience divine guidance and God’s presence in my life.

When I was a child it was somehow hard for me to orientate in the world and I felt like coming from a far place. However I was aware of God’s company. I remember a moment when I was half a year old lying on my belly on a meadow enjoying the fresh air, the sun and the grass around me moving in the breeze. And I was grateful God reminded me that I am not my body.


It’s our daughter in our garden

During my teenage years God was assisting me to discover myself. Without the interaction of humans He showed me who I am and I felt very blessed about this discovery. Many times He called me to stroll in wild nature on and around my childhood compound to receive His blessing and enjoy His blissful presence.

After leaving my parents home to start my studies at university I felt relaxed, free and boss of my own life. However very soon I lost spiritual perception because my mind was overloaded with too much intellectual stuff. It was the same time I felt a strong desire to have a male partner however unable to find one and establish a love relationship. During those most difficult times God reminded me of the powerful purifying technique of kriya yoga and guided me to a most spiritual and helpful website. He and one of His assistants in a human body helped me to restart my life on a more loving and god oriented basis.

As I became mother of very demanding children I had to connect to god many times a day to solve upcoming issues in daily life. In most challenging situations the best solution always was to open for god and give my best in physical world. That way I was often blessed by relaxed and most joyful moments amidst my family and friends.


This plant also knows about god

Some years ago I was heading a future in Europe, but because of god’s loving interference (god-given opportunity) we are now in Kenya where people are much more aware of what is going on inside me due to more intense awareness of god’s presence in their own lives.

I thank god for my life.

refocus on divine goal

While preparing to leave Europe to live in Kenya I was hoping to experience spiritual push through the new environment. Me with my family, we choose to go to a developing country because life is less complicated and more about basic needs of humans closer to nature. In the first month I had many blissful moments surrounded by loving and caring friends. However, I was prepared that i may hit rock bottom or experience a cultural shock.
1,5 years later I feel we reached a crisis: materially, personally and spiritually. It is the loss of money we experienced in the last months and staying without income. Due to the different environment we also find ourselves in unknown challenges concerning our relationship. And most important of all, I felt often down and heavy surrounded by spiritual darkness in the last weeks.

One morning when I woke up I was sad. When starting my daily work, I could feel a tension arising within I had to cry and didn’t know where to turn. But I heard god’s voice: Come to a natural place that I may console you. So I left my work and went to a small lake not far from the house. Sitting next to the water I took some time for me to calm down. As I was able to raise my head again and look around and into the water I knew I made too many painful mistakes.



I got the advice to withdraw my attention from physical world and focus on what is going on behind the scene – god’s world. After my tiny  Spiritual Retreat I realized that „my devotion to God union is at question“. However I wish to return home to god and I can focus all my power on achieving this goal. There are and will always be spiritual treasures and gifts from god to help everybody prepare for eternal home.

 God serves best.

He’s always closest friend to everybody.

Some weeks ago I was uplifted by an intensive divine touch after the church service. I walked with my children in the hot noon sun on a crowded, noisy and dusty road. But I was surrounded by divine light and divine love ran through all my body.

 God is worth to be first and only choice always.