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refocus on divine goal

29. Juli 2013

While preparing to leave Europe to live in Kenya I was hoping to experience spiritual push through the new environment. Me with my family, we choose to go to a developing country because life is less complicated and more about basic needs of humans closer to nature. In the first month I had many blissful moments surrounded by loving and caring friends. However, I was prepared that i may hit rock bottom or experience a cultural shock.
1,5 years later I feel we reached a crisis: materially, personally and spiritually. It is the loss of money we experienced in the last months and staying without income. Due to the different environment we also find ourselves in unknown challenges concerning our relationship. And most important of all, I felt often down and heavy surrounded by spiritual darkness in the last weeks.

One morning when I woke up I was sad. When starting my daily work, I could feel a tension arising within I had to cry and didn’t know where to turn. But I heard god’s voice: Come to a natural place that I may console you. So I left my work and went to a small lake not far from the house. Sitting next to the water I took some time for me to calm down. As I was able to raise my head again and look around and into the water I knew I made too many painful mistakes.



I got the advice to withdraw my attention from physical world and focus on what is going on behind the scene – god’s world. After my tiny  Spiritual Retreat I realized that „my devotion to God union is at question“. However I wish to return home to god and I can focus all my power on achieving this goal. There are and will always be spiritual treasures and gifts from god to help everybody prepare for eternal home.

 God serves best.

He’s always closest friend to everybody.

Some weeks ago I was uplifted by an intensive divine touch after the church service. I walked with my children in the hot noon sun on a crowded, noisy and dusty road. But I was surrounded by divine light and divine love ran through all my body.

 God is worth to be first and only choice always.

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