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god’s presence in my life

20. August 2013

Thank you God for your guidance and presence in my life.

I found it helpful to testify to the world that I experience divine guidance and God’s presence in my life.

When I was a child it was somehow hard for me to orientate in the world and I felt like coming from a far place. However I was aware of God’s company. I remember a moment when I was half a year old lying on my belly on a meadow enjoying the fresh air, the sun and the grass around me moving in the breeze. And I was grateful God reminded me that I am not my body.


It’s our daughter in our garden

During my teenage years God was assisting me to discover myself. Without the interaction of humans He showed me who I am and I felt very blessed about this discovery. Many times He called me to stroll in wild nature on and around my childhood compound to receive His blessing and enjoy His blissful presence.

After leaving my parents home to start my studies at university I felt relaxed, free and boss of my own life. However very soon I lost spiritual perception because my mind was overloaded with too much intellectual stuff. It was the same time I felt a strong desire to have a male partner however unable to find one and establish a love relationship. During those most difficult times God reminded me of the powerful purifying technique of kriya yoga and guided me to a most spiritual and helpful website. He and one of His assistants in a human body helped me to restart my life on a more loving and god oriented basis.

As I became mother of very demanding children I had to connect to god many times a day to solve upcoming issues in daily life. In most challenging situations the best solution always was to open for god and give my best in physical world. That way I was often blessed by relaxed and most joyful moments amidst my family and friends.


This plant also knows about god

Some years ago I was heading a future in Europe, but because of god’s loving interference (god-given opportunity) we are now in Kenya where people are much more aware of what is going on inside me due to more intense awareness of god’s presence in their own lives.

I thank god for my life.

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