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simple life – more time for happiness

17. Oktober 2013

These days we stay at the countryside next to Chwele (Westkenya). We enjoy simple life surrounded by nature:

Of course people do farming but there is also a lot of god given wild and healing bushy landscape around. The climate is almost the same like the European summer.


The house has basic furniture like chairs, tables and beds and a solar power station only for light and phone charging. Most of the time we are collecting and using rainwater. We do basic work like cooking with charcoal and gas and hand washing in plastic basins – mostly outside on the meadow under trees.

Besides we are supporting the German organization „Open Hearts – Offene Herzen e.V.“ to establish a hospital in Chwele.

We are using common African toilet and bath: each one is a small room outside the house. For bathing we take a plastic basin into the bathroom. The toilet has a hole for all human waste.


Sharing a lot of time among the family members and simple contacts to the people around leads to more happy hours together in god’s presence – cleaning minds and hearts.

Simple life makes it easier to learn directly from observing older or more skilled ones. Three of our children (9, 6 and 4 years old) learned speaking English by listening and repeating and never in school. They do household work and assisting the construction workers.
Also spiritual lessons of life are less complex. Kriya yoga becomes more intense.

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