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spiritual exercises

4. Februar 2014

There are some spiritual exercises I like to do and introduce to you.

During my time in Germany I decided to give up cleaning the floor with a mob and a stick but showing more humbleness by kneeling down and using a rag for cleaning. Here in Kenya most of the people are even more humble smearing cow dung to give care to the floor. And I do what they do because we have a non permanent mud house made out of soil and timber only which requires cow dung.

For me this cleaning becomes a bowing lesson and makes me feel fresh like the house looks fresh afterwards.


smearing walls with soil

Anyway it is obvious that most of the Kenyan citizens are used to and like bowing while working: e.g. washing cloths, cleaning dishes,… In our country doctors advise us to avoid bending downwards to protect spine issues. Here it seams needless because I never heard about such cases and people know how to: most of them walk and bend while spine very straight. For me it reflects their behaviour: more sincere, straightforward and connected to their inner being. I found I can improve by copying them.

As a child I had problems integrating and interacting in a group with others. (BTW: this is what Kenyans know very well as they share more time since early childhood living and working together.) Since about 20 years I challenge myself to go to different totally unknown places to find my place among fellows I never met before in this lifetime. With this exercise I also create space to reconnect to other souls I know from former incarnations and who may assist me on my way to god.

The biggest challenge was moving from Switzerland leaving almost everything behind to start a more humble and simple life in Kenya with only some bags and some savings on the bank account. However it contains the most blessings as I’m more happy and relaxed more one with my inner being and connected to god.

Anyway being open for God and his children here on earth shall be a lifelong exercise for all of us as we are far to far away from god’s world of love. Opening for god is just a decision. It might be helpful to avoid making appointments and listening to the wishes of my beloved ones around me instead, let god to arrange dates and being open for the ones god sends to me and listening to my heart which places to go. One day I made this exercise dropping all the plans I had in mind and it became one of the most interesting days I can remember.

While doing this very same in Germany and Switzerland it became much more powerful, joyful and satisfying here in Kenya. Because people here are more open and doing the same: being open for each other and the fellows god will send them. Many times I went through the streets receiving spontaneous invitations and having interesting conversations from heart to heart with friends and unknowns.

During the church service I often had that feeling of being together with the other church members. I often received a sensitive feed back that proved me: they know what is going on inside me. Which makes me feel refreshed after the meeting.

People like to say: “Tuko pamoja” (We are together.) as a kind of good by greeting and confirmation of friendship even after parting.

Many time the Pastor of our church told us to pour our heart in front of god as a deep prayer. I found it a relief and decided to do it whenever I remember it or even all day long. Anytime when walking or doing some kind of work I can open my heart and let love flow. I think it is our nature and purpose to let love flow and pour our love anywhere we go.

Same like doing a Love Prayer anytime anywhere. I believe god in our body and brain is the natural state.

The most powerful exercises however are Kriya Yoga techniques. They assist me to become one with God.

Many more exercises or Spiritual Treasures and Kriya Yoga teachings can be found.

May we realize the value of time god gave us by giving us this lifetime, may we take the change of this new year 2014 to open our hearts and broaden our minds to make us more sensitive for God’s love, God’s presence and the needs of the fellows around us to become  more receptive for all the blessing god is sending constantly in abundance.

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