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life in a monastery

12. Juni 2014

For one week I stayed with my family in a hospital of a catholic diocese. We shared time with four nuns. The head was an eighty-year old German lady.

That week I experienced like Life in a monastery. At first the wild bush all around the house made me feel very comfortable. It was good to experience how people there turned a desert-like grassland into a wild forest again and how much nature gives us:

– fresh food: cooked or raw sweet fruits

– herbal medicine for even very serious deceases like HIV

– healing flowers, stones and vibration of wild nature


Later I more and more felt the suppressing atmosphere among the inhabitants. A pain in the lower spine (second chakra), which I didn’t feel since many years, appeared again. It showed me that i’ve not fully dissolved all attachments to that lifestyle. Since about ten years, especially after reading the spiritual treasures, I’m sure I spend too long in a monastery in former incarnations, which is still causing me some trouble.

How challenging this time in the diocese was, I learned something out of it:

– sexual energy is natural like other “dangerous” things like fire or poisonous snakes. I can only learn how to handle it and see the divine purpose if I get in touch with it.

– sometimes I have to give up things that appear sweet to gain the sweetness of the divine. Like herbal medicines sometimes requires abstinence from coffee and black tea.

– I can be in love with god (without a man), I can be happy without my partner.


On our way back in the matatu among ordinary and sexy people god was closer to me than during the last days among the nuns. Reaching home I gained back vitality and joy of life.

Of course this is my personal experience. Others who are less attached to the habits of a monk / nun may experience differently.

However, I hope and believe in future the monastical lifestyle will get more and more obsolete.

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