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spiritual healing and responsibility

4. August 2014

2002 I was pregnant with my first baby – a girl. I decided for a home delivery inspired by the spiritual treasures and experiences of two ladies, who gave birth at home.

My husband was around all days before and during delivery. He gave me his loving assistance as best as he could. I felt well at home and had freedom to behave natural and give all attention to the new overwhelming experience. A midwife came to assist however she gave me feedback, that I almost did everything by myself.

Some years later I decided to overtake responsibility for my heath in general and dissolve in love all root causes leading to accidents and sicknesses. So I quit my health insurance. If something went wrong and I needed a lot of assistance by doctors I had to pay out of my own pocket.

The biggest bill I had to pay was the mid wife when giving birth to our third child. It was okay, we had enough money and we also saved money because not paying monthly insurance bills.

My biggest heath problem has always been my tooth decay. I had a lot of inlays that fell out every now and than and had to be fixed again and again. I became tired running to the dentist and hearing promises: “This time it will stick” while my body was refusing to accept these crutches. I decided to live with out inlays and every gold inlay falling out I handed over to a jeweller.

The last big toothache I had last year 2013. I felt like dieing of pain and decided to remove that disturbing tooth. However my body refused to give out what belonged to him. I almost fainted that the dentist could not do his job.

God guided me to a healer, who showed me a herbal technique reducing bacteria in the mouth causing instant healing. I treated myself when ever I felt the toothache coming back. I’ve sufficiently dissolved in love my emotional tensions the root cause of tooth decay and I’m free of herbal treatment.

Giving birth to my fifth child in Kenya I was always surrounded by god’s presence and he gave me his loving assistance.


It is time now to become more effective in divine problem solving, more and more open for god and aware of all spiritual lessons he sends, moving forwards to my goal to finally be one with god.

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