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tooth healing by herbal treatment

20. August 2014


Read and understand the instructions before you do this exercise because your full attention is needed during carrying out. The smoke of the seeds which enters your mouth is actually healing the tooth decay by killing the bacteria in your mouth. The development of smoke only lasts for a few seconds and it may affect your throat.

If this procedure shall be done by children it might be advisable for parents to study and learn first. Like my ten year old son observed me several times until fully understood and now he does it properly on his own.

You need:

– ripe and dry seeds of Datura stramonium (poisonous)


flower of datura (thornapple)

– stiff fat

– metal sheet like a big knife (ideal: machete like we use here in Kenya) that may keep the heat for some minutes. Me personally I like to use a flat pan which is fully made out of metal and place it on a coal fire.

– tin with both sides open to be used like a “chimney”, e.g. an old coffee powder tin of approx. 3 inch (6-7cm) diameter like in our case could do

– open fire to heat the metal sheet (I guess should be minimum 200°C),

alternatively you may try to heat the metal sheet in your backing oven

How to:

1) form a fat ball with a diameter of about 1,5 – 2 cm

2) roll the ball in the seeds until it is smoothly covered from all sides (approximately 1 tea spoon of seeds needed)


3) heat the metal sheet


here a panga serving as a metal sheet is heated on an open fire

4) place the fat ball on the hot metal sheet

5) Put the “chimney”-tin on top so that the ball is inside.


5) place hands on top of the tin to extend the chimney and guide the smoke into your mouth. Place mouth on top of your hands.



6) Attention! As soon as the smoke develops, inhale it to a certain degree (take care that the smoke only enters the mouth, not enter the lungs while inhaling) and exhale with a loud and powerful “Ha”- Sound like known in Hatha- Yoga. The Hatha-yoga exhalation serves to clean the body. 1-2 exhalations per second as comfortable. Continue until smoke has gone after approximately half to one minute.

7) If all done properly you will see small white stripes in the tin. They appeared to me like worms a few millimeter long.

8) you may repeat the whole procedure once or twice, depending on the severeness of the decay.

9) If necessary repeat the other day until all “worms” gone.

In my case, as you see in the pictures, I was assisted by an experienced African woman. We were both kneeing on the ground.

My sickness was severe that I was running around almost unconscious. However directly (some seconds) after the treatment my mind was clear again and life came back to my body.

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