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Reconciling with my father in a dream

12. August 2015

Since more then three years I stay in Kenya with my family in a small town which i love so much, though it has a high rate of unemployment and poverty. And of course this situation has also affected us: We were spending money in order to assist  friends and without income we were living on our savings and now the bank account is almost empty.

In the worst case I decided I’ll have to go back to my home country Germany and stay with my parents or my sister and work in a low paid job for half a year. But in fact it would be a big burden for my young family in Kenya: five children aged three to thirteen years. 

At the age of 40 I still tend to go back to my earthly parents seeking for assistance when in trouble. However I thought there might also be a reconcilement with my father necessary which is forcing me to leave my family in Kenya behind. But soon I realized that my father would not support me the way I wanted.

I remembered that some (about 15) years ago I already made a decision to choose GOD as my only father and relieve humans from this burden as everybody on earth has already enough problems to solve by himself and I don’t have to add mine. And in fact GOD knows me best and is already there willing to help me.

So again I choose to give all my trust to GOD to guide me to the most loving solution.

I refocused all my attention on finding a source of income in Kenya, without risking to bring my family here into trouble.

If I fully trust in GOD and follow His guidance it becomes impossible to create further problems, but only provide solutions.

The following night I had a special dream:

Being in Kenya somewhere I ordered a big cup of ice cream with fresh fruit which I was missing since long. After a look into my wallet I saw it was empty, the waitress advised me to withdraw money via ATM, but I knew the money on the bank account was also finished. So I took some amount of my last remaining cash from a secret corner and intended to go back to the place where the ice cream was waiting for me…

But the situation had changed: I found myself at my parents place in Germany in my fathers bed room at night and found him asleep. Money had become totally unimportant. Though I knew i was just dreaming, I was aware that dreams also contain truth and I decided to take advantage of the situation, approached him and gave him a hug:

I felt the short hair of his beard on my cheek. But especially

I felt an intense opening of my heart and a deep warm flow of love coming from my heart toward him.

I also felt fear arising within me. It was the same I experienced when I was a girl and always feared to be alone in darkness. (By that time my father often came to my bed lying his hand on my back which made me to relax and fall asleep easily.) However

I focused on the warm and intense flow of divine love to him

until I realized him waking up. I silently left the room in the conviction he hasn’t realized me.

The day after I woke up refreshed and in peace with me, GOD and the world.

This blessing experience was the answer to my decision to trust in GOD to provide the most loving solution and to make it possible to reconcile with any soul regardless distance.

❤ ❤ ❤

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