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Devotion to GOD

11. Mai 2019

Since my recent Easter retreat in Cork I added a deep bowing to my daily habits. Martin explained to me:

the result of the bowing is attitude multiplied by time.

In order to be efficient I would have to develop a great devotion.


I started bowing in my private room inviting the souls of my Ex-partners one after the other starting with the latest relationship. When I felt like everything was dissolved, there was still a need to continue bowing, because:

– there are so many other people who I may need to forgive and who may need my forgiveness including myself.

– as I continue living I automatically add “past” and potential mistakes to my life

– there might be still many things to forgive which I didn’t realize yet.


Great devotion means open heart.

When I bow to God and All and focus on open heart I feel blessings from God and simultaneously my heart flooding love to All until my metaphysical heart is expanding. I ask my brain to follow my heart and bow in a great devotion to God and All in order to radiate pure divine love.

Anytime I’m coming home from crowed places I bow to God and All and ask Him to forgive me for just anything I might have done wrong. There might have been someone who wanted to share more love with me.

Anyway there’s always God who wants to share much more Love with all of us.


It is of great importance to devote ALL my efforts to GOD only –

especially during Kriya yoga.


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