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goal in my life

I want to love and only love every now and then all the way in all different ways.
That means first of all to reach God-union as soon as possible to meet you all in our eternal home.
For my daily life it is most important to always stay praying to god: to see through Gods eyes and hear through His ears …. and discover his spiritual treasures.
Always feeling a love prayer I want to let it flow through all my being and instantly to all my surroundings (doing kriya yoga), especially my husband and all other family members.
I’d love make and see my (spiritual) family grow : )
I want to let love flow to all longing for love and to the poorest ones to lift up the vibration of gods entire creation. Maybe this will make it necessary to travel the world, to help and share with many other souls from many different cultures.
I want to be a shock absorber during global crises to prevent further damage.
I want to work for god.
Friends and enemies alike: Feel free to give me feedback, remind me to my goal, no matter if I follow the path of love right away or if I slow down or even drift apart.
You are welcome.